15 Jul

What is a riding horse called?

A riding horse or a saddle horse is a horse used by mounted horse riders for recreation or transportation. Horseback riding will allow you to get close to nature while discovering the intensity of your relationship with this noble animal.

What is Horseback Riding?

Horseback riding is a very rewarding and accessible activity for all of us, which gives us the possibility to disconnect from the world, ride on trails and discover landscapes during our riding holidays. 한국야동닷컴

Benefits of Riding

Riding a horse is very pleasant and brings many benefits.  We have already said that horse riding can be a unique experience if we decide to ride in nature where you can visit places you can only reach on horseback.

*Sense of balance is strengthened

*Muscle tensions are dissolved.

*Body posture in general is improved.

*The upper body is straight and leads to a correct body posture: the back, shoulders and chest area are improved.

What is the correct riding position on a horse?

 Ideally, your leg should be positioned directly underneath your body. If it swings backward, your upper body will fall forward. If you do that enough, you'll eventually fall off your horse!

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